G1 - Yahoo! Search Marketing Advertiser-Phrase Bipartite Graph, Version 1.0 (14 MB)
G2.1 - Yahoo! AltaVista Web Page Hyperlink Connectivity Graph, circa 2002 (multi part) (Hosted on AWS)
G3 - Yahoo! Groups User-Group Membership Bipartite Graph, version 1.0 (93 MB)
G4 - Yahoo! Network Flows Data, version 1.0 (multi part) (Hosted on AWS)
G5 - Yahoo! Messenger User Communication Pattern (32 MB)
G6 - Yahoo! Instant Messenger Friends Connectivity Graph (28 MB)
G7 - Yahoo! Property and Instant Messenger Data use for a Sample of Users, v.1.0 (4.3 Gbyte) (Hosted on AWS)
G8 - Yahoo! Messenger Client to Server Protocol-Level Events, version 1.0 (477 MB)