Ratings and Classification Data

R3 - Yahoo! Music ratings for User Selected and Randomly Selected songs, version 1.0 (1.2 MB)

This dataset contains ratings for songs collected from two different sources. The first source consists of ratings supplied by users during normal interaction with Yahoo! Music services. The second source consists of ratings for randomly selected songs collected during an online survey conducted by Yahoo! Research. The rating data includes 15,400 users, and 1000 songs. The data contains at least ten ratings collected during normal use of Yahoo! Music services for each user, and exactly ten ratings for randomly selected songs for each of the first 5400 users in the dataset. The dataset includes approximately 300,000 user-supplied ratings, and exactly 54,000 ratings for randomly selected songs. All users and items are represented by randomly assigned numeric identification numbers. In addition, the dataset includes responses to seven multiple-choice survey questions regarding rating-behavior for each of the first 5400 users. The survey data and ratings for randomly selected songs were collected between August 22, 2006 and September 7, 2006. The normal-interaction data was collected between 2002 and 2006. The size of this dataset is 1.2 MB.

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