Ratings and Classification Data

R2 - Yahoo! Music User Ratings of Songs with Artist, Album, and Genre Meta Information, v. 1.0 (1.4 Gbyte & 1.1 Gbyte)

This dataset represents a snapshot of the Yahoo! Music community's preferences for various songs. The dataset contains over 717 million ratings of 136 thousand songs given by 1.8 million users of Yahoo! Music services. The data was collected between 2002 and 2006. Each song in the dataset is accompanied by artist, album, and genre attributes. The users, songs, artists, and albums are represented by randomly assigned numeric id's so that no identifying information is revealed. The mapping from genre id's to genre, as well as the genre hierarchy, is given. There are 2 sets in this dataset. Part one is 1.4 Gbytes and part 2 is 1.1 Gbytes.

Here are all the papers published on this Webscope Dataset:

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