Image Data

I3 - Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M (14G) (Hosted on AWS)

This dataset contains a list of photos and videos. This list is compiled from data available on Yahoo! Flickr. All the photos and videos provided in the list are licensed under one of the Creative Commons copyright licenses, and as such they can be used for benchmarking purposes as long as the photographer/videographer is credited for the original creation.

If you decide to use the YFCC100M dataset in your work, please cite the following paper: B. Thomee, D.A. Shamma, G. Friedland, B. Elizalde, K. Ni, D. Poland, D. Borth, L. Li, "YFCC100M: The New Data in Multimedia Research", Communications of the ACM, 59(2), pp. 64-73, 2016.

This dataset is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform, which requires a free Amazon Web Services login for access.

Here are all the papers published on this Webscope Dataset: