Advertising and Market Data

A5 - Yahoo! User prospective conversion prediction dataset, version 1.0 (55GB)

We share user activity trail datasets of timestamp annotated sequences of activities collected from users online, derived from various sources, e.g., Yahoo Search, commercial email receipts, reading news, and other content on publisher's webpages associated with Verizon Media such as Yahoo and AOL homepages, Yahoo Finance, Sports and News, HuffPost, TechCrunch, etc., advertising data from Yahoo Gemini and Verizon Media DSP, including data from all advertisers (e.g., ad impressions, clicks, conversions, and site visits). These sequences precede events of particular interest to advertisers. Two types of events of interest are considered: conversion and retargeting events. These two types of events create two datasets for two major advertisers, from retail and communications categories, running conversion campaigns with Verizon Media collected over 100 days ending in May 2019, totaling 4 distinct datasets.